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Fisher of Men Ministries is a Bible based and prayer focused Men's Fellowship Covenant group that meet once a month to lift up and edify the body of Christ. This group of men also work together to spread the Gospel of Jesus and impact this community by helping those in need!

W.O.W: Women of Worship, is a Faith Believing and prayer centered Women's Fellowship group, that meet once a month to edify and encourage one another. Our mission is to bring hope to the lost, healing to the broken, and deliverance to the captive!

Chosen Generation Youth Group meet every Wednesday Night at 7pm, this group of teens love the Lord and love to Worship him! We are training up our youth to lead and impact this NOW GENERATION with POWER from the HOLY GHOST!!

Kingdom Kids meet Sunday Mornings during church service, this group of kids love to learn and sing about Jesus! They enjoy Bible based lessons along with their own style of Worship!

Intercessory Prayer: We believe prayer and fasting are essential to the body of Christ. Prayer unlocks the doors of Heaven and releases the Power of God. Luke 11:9 "Ask and it Shall be given to you."  This group meets 15mintues before each service and every 3rd Monday at 6pm.